Sereas (Mermaids)

For 3 months I lived in a fishing community in the North-West coast of Spain. There, I had the chance to get to know an all women community of clam diggers. Clam digging has historically been a work made exclusively by women, and even though today there are 5 men among  225 women, they are in majority in this field in a male dominated arena like fisheries. These women are well known for their strength, for being fighters and independent and also for their natural ability for leadership. Their history has showed us how pride and self-satisfaction could lead into a profound sense of identity.

They slowly showed me their personalities and gradually gave me the best and most difficult thing of all: Trust. I consider this project as a shared authorship between  model and artist as they were the ones who allowed me to evolve from a position of watcher and avid photographer of  "instants" to  the photographer who was there to tell their stories as they wanted to narrate them. This project has been partially funded by the Museum of the Sea ( and it became the cornerstone of my PhD dissertation. BOOK

© 2013 Mar Cuervo

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